4. Dec 2020

As you may have noticed, we are facing a pandemic right now across the world. The COVID-19 situation hasn't affected us that bad as we expected, which we are really grateful for.

Our suppliers have done an insanely impressive job, producing our clothes, but with a longer delivery time. 

We have temporarly closed our store, and we'll open it up again when our new collection is in store. Hopefully this will be in Jan 2021.

That's why we are facing an increase in our delivery time to our customers as well. We are tying to get everything sorted asap, so you can get your order! 

We hope that you're safe, and we recommend you to follow the recommendations given by the health organisation for your country. 


If you have any questions, you can always contact us 24/7.


Thank you for your patience. Be safe. Be Astletic.

Alexander Antell,